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Recurrence of a Delayed-Onset Posttraumatic Renal Pseudoaneurysm after Initially Successful Transarterial Embolization.
Meissnitzer, T; Hruby, S; Janetschek, G; Meissnitzer, MW;
Urol Int. 2017; 98(2):245-248


Hruby Stephan
Janetschek Günter
Meißnitzer Thomas
Meissnitzer Matthias


Hemodynamically stable patients with renal injury can be managed conservatively. Anatomy typically leads to physi-ologic confinement of urinomas or renal hematomas to the interfascial planes of the retroperitoneum. In the presented case there was unusual reperfusion 14 days after a successful embolization of a renal pseudoaneurysm, at this time 28 days after the initiating trauma. This article discusses the evolution, treatment options and possible underlying causes for the reperfusion of this late-onset renal pseudoaneurysm. (C) 2014 S. Karger AG, Basel

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Renal injury
Transarterial embolization
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