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International Issues: Cross-border mobility of junior neurologists within and to the European Union.
Macerollo, A; Varga, ET; Struhal, W; Györfi, O; Kobeleva, X; Sellner, J;
Neurology. 2014; 83(13): e128-e131.


Sellner Johann


To assess the general interest in and motivation for cross-border mobility among residents and junior neurologists from member states of the European Union and neighboring countries.
Questionnaire-based paper survey among 118 participants of a neurology course.
Ninety-seven (82%) participants returned the survey. Most of them had at one point considered relocating within or to the European Union for postgraduate education (87%) or employment (71%). Common motivations were superior prospects for clinical training (85%), resources at work and academic environment (both 80%), and remuneration (70%). Barely half of the surveyed intended to return to their home country. The attractiveness of Europe as a destination for migration was ranked over other continents. The most common reasons that reduce enthusiasm for relocation were the loss of family connection (55%) and uncertain future prospects (41%), whereas language barriers were less relevant (21%).
There is keen interest of the upcoming generation of neurologists to relocate within and to the European Union. The motives include regional differences in training and career opportunities as well as economic welfare. Appropriate steps toward the harmonization of educational and career prospects are urgently required to ensure adequate provision of neurology service and patient care throughout Europe.