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Positive Effects of Advanced Daylight Supply of Buildings on Schoolchildren-A Controlled, Single-Blinded, Longitudinal, Clinical Trial with Real Constructive Implementation
Neberich, M; Gerner, N; Romodow, C; Freidl, J; Huber, D; Weisbock-Erdheim, R; Pichler, C; Hartl, A
BUILDINGS-BASEL. 2022; 12(5): 600
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Mountain Hiking vs. Forest Therapy: A Study Protocol of Novel Types of Nature-Based Intervention.
Pichler, C; Freidl, J; Bischof, M; Kiem, M; Weissbock-Erdheim, R; Huber, D; Squarra, G; Murschetz, PC; Hartl, A
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2022; 19(7):
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Winter Exercise and Speleotherapy for Allergy and Asthma: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
Freidl, J; Huber, D; Braunschmid, H; Romodow, C; Pichler, C; Weisbock-Erdheim, R; Mayr, M; Hartl, A
J CLIN MED. 2020; 9(10):
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Green exercise and mg-ca-SO4 thermal balneotherapy for the treatment of non-specific chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled clinical trial
Huber, D; Grafetstatter, C; Prossegger, J; Pichler, C; Woll, E; Fischer, M; Durl, M; Geiersperger, K; Hocketstaller, M; Frischhut, S; Ritter, M; Hartl, A
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The Role of Anthropogenic Elements in the Environment for Affective States and Cortisol Concentration in Mountain Hiking-A Crossover Trial.
Niedermeier, M; Grafetstätter, C; Kopp, M; Huber, D; Mayr, M; Pichler, C; Hartl, A;
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019; 16(2):
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Winter Exercise Reduces Allergic Airway Inflammation: A Randomized Controlled Study.
Prossegger, J; Huber, D; Grafetstatter, C; Pichler, C; Braunschmid, H; Weisbock-Erdheim, R; Hartl, A
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2019; 16(11):
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Effects of moderate mountain hiking and balneotherapy on community-dwelling older people: A randomized controlled trial.
Prossegger, J; Huber, D; Grafetstatter, C; Pichler, C; Weisbock-Erdheim, R; Iglseder, B; Wewerka, G; Hartl, A
EXP GERONTOL. 2019; 122: 74-84.
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Book chapters

Nutzung und Inszenierung natürlicher Ressourcen im Gesundheitstourismus
Steckenbauer, GC; Weisböck-Erdheim, R; Tischler, S; Pichler, C; Hartl, AJ;
In: Wagner, D; Schobert, M; Steckenbauer, GC editors(s). Experience Design im Tourismus – eine Branche im Wandel.


Book chapters

A Model for Developing Evidencebased Health Tourism: The Case of ‘Alpine Health Region Salzburg, Austria’
Steckenbauer, GC; Tischler, S; Hartl, A; Pichler, C
In: Azara, I; Michopoulou, E; Niccolini, F; Taff BD; Clarke, A (eds.) editors(s). Tourism, Health, Wellbeing and Protected Areas. CABI; p. 69-81.


Journal Articles

Does waterfall aerosol influence mucosal immunity and chronic stress? A randomized controlled clinical trial.
Grafetstätter, C; Gaisberger, M; Prossegger, J; Ritter, M; Kolarž, P; Pichler, C; Thalhamer, J; Hartl, A;
J Physiol Anthropol. 2017; 36(1): 10
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Book chapters

Die alpine Gesundheitsregion SalzburgerLand. Evidenzbasierter Gesundheitstourismus als Chance für den Alpenraum
Pichler, C; Hartl, JA;
In: Luger, K; Rest, F (Hrsg.) editors(s). Alpenreisen - Erlebnis - Raumtransformationen - Imatination. p. 421-444.


Journal Articles

No Concentration Decrease of House Dust Mite Allergens With Rising Altitude in Alpine Regions.
Grafetstätter, C; Prossegger, J; Braunschmid, H; Sanovic, R; Hahne, P; Pichler, C; Thalhamer, J; Hartl, A;
Allergy Asthma Immunol Res. 2016; 8(4):312-318
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Book chapters

Gesundheitstourismus in den Alpen - Natur als Basis wirksamer Anwendungen
Hartl, A; Pichler, C; Lymann, R; Steckenbauer, GC;
In: Thomas Bieger, Pietro Beritelli, Christian Laesser (Eds.) editors(s). Gesellschaftlicher Wandel als Herausforderung im alpinen Tourismus. Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag; p. 27-45. (ISBN: 9783503166817)
Destination and product development rested on evidence-based health tourism
Steckenbauer, GC; Tischler, S; Hartl, A; Pichler, C;
In: Melanie Kay Smith (Ed.), Laszlo Puczko (Ed.) editors(s). The Routledge Handbook of Health Tourism. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group; p. 315-331. (ISBN: 9781138909830)


Newspaper/magazine articles

Der Berg ruft! - Und wirkt.
Hartl, A; Pichler, C;
3D special - Bergsport und Gesundheit, Österreichischer Alpenverein. 2015. 26-28.