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Standardization of Strategies to Perform a Parafascicular Tubular Approach for the Resection of Brain Tumors in Eloquent Areas
Abdala-Vargas, NJ; Umana, GE; Patino-Gomez, JG; Ordonez-Rubiano, E; Cifuentes-Lobelo, HA; Palmisciano, P; Ferini, G; Viola, A; Zagardo, V; Casanova-Martinez, D; Tomasi, OS; Campero, A; Baldoncini, M
BRAIN SCI. 2023; 13(3): 498
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Endovascular treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke and tandem occlusion due to internal carotid artery dissection: A multicenter experience.
Da Ros, V; Pusceddu, F; Lattanzi, S; Scaggiante, J; Sallustio, F; Marrama, F; Bandettini di Poggio, M; Toscano, G; Di Giuliano, F; Rolla-Bigliani, C; Ruggiero, M; Haznedari, N; Sgreccia, A; Sanfilippo, G; Finocchi, C; Diomedi, M; Tomasi, SO; Palmisciano, P; Umana, GE; Strigari, L; Griessenauer, CJ; Pitocchi, F; Garaci, F; Floris, R;
Neuroradiol J. 2023; 36(1): 86-93.
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Vertebrobasilar Dolichoectasia, Hypoplastic Third Ventricle, and Related Biventricular Hydrocephalus: Case Report and Review of the Literature.
Umana, GE; Alberio, N; Graziano, F; Fricia, M; Tomasi, SO; Corbino, L; Nicoletti, GF; Cicero, S; Scalia, G;
J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg. 2023; 84(2):206-211
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Adult-Onset Pilocytic Astrocytoma Predilecting Temporal Lobe: A Brief Review.
Ahmed, N; Ferini, G; Barua, KK; Halder, R; Barua, S; Priola, S; Tomasi, O; Umana, GE; Shlobin, NA; Scalia, G; Garg, K; Chaurasia, B;
Life (Basel). 2022; 12(7):
Evaluation of Surgical Cleavage Plane by Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Adult Intracranial Meningiomas.
Ahmed, N; Ferini, G; Hossain, MATM; Barua, KK; Hossain, MN; Umana, GE; Shlobin, NA; Scalia, G; Palmisciano, P; Tomasi, OS; Chaurasia, B
LIFE-BASEL. 2022; 12(4):
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Largest neurosurgical social media group and its impact on communication and research.
Chaurasia, B; Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Barresi, F; Yağmurlu, K; Soldozy, S; Deora, H; Raudino, G; Graziano, F; Nicoletti, GF; Cicero, S; Maugeri, R; Tomasi, SO; Zileli, M; Graffeo, CS; Herrera, RR; Shah, A; Ha, Y; Chaurasiya, RK; Kim, HS; Sameshima, T; Borba, L; Rotta, JM; Chowdhury, D; Chaurasia, RK; Grotenhuis, A; Linfante, I; Sekhar, LN;
Br J Neurosurg. 2022; 36(1):58-62
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Optic Tract as an Upper Limit in Amygdalectomy: Microsurgical Study.
Garcia-Oriola, G; Tomasi, SO; Gallardo, F; Umana, GE; Lawton, MT; Winkler, PA;
Oper Neurosurg (Hagerstown). 2022; 23(1): e42-e48.
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Hypofractionated Gamma Knife Radiosurgery: Institutional Experience on Benign and Malignant Intracranial Tumors.
Inserra, F; Barone, F; Palmisciano, P; Scalia, G; DA Ros, V; Abdelsalam, A; Crea, A; Sabini, MG; Tomasi, SO; Ferini, G; Maugeri, R; Strigari, L; Umana, GE;
Anticancer Res. 2022; 42(4):-1858.
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Endovascular and Antithrombotic Treatment in Blunt Cerebrovascular Injuries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Priola, SM; Ku, JC; Palmisciano, P; Taslimi, S; Mathieu, F; Pasarikovski, CR; Malhotra, A; Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Tomasi, SO; Raudino, G; Yang, VXD; da Costa, L;
J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2022; 31(6): 106456
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Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks After Anterior Skull Base Trauma: A Systematic Review of the Literature.
Umana, GE; Pucci, R; Palmisciano, P; Cassoni, A; Ricciardi, L; Tomasi, SO; Strigari, L; Scalia, G; Valentini, V;
World Neurosurg. 2022; 157: 193-206.e2.
A Review of Remote Intracerebral Hemorrhage after Chronic Subdural Hematoma Evacuation.
Umana, GE; Salvati, M; Fricia, M; Passanisi, M; Corbino, L; Cicero, S; Nicoletti, GF; Tomasi, SO; Winkler, PA; Scalia, G;
J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg. 2022; 83(4):368-376
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Diamond-Shaped Mini-Craniotomy: A New Concept in Neurosurgery.
Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Fricia, M; Nicoletti, GF; Iacopino, DG; Maugeri, R; Tomasi, SO; Cicero, S; Alberio, N;
J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg. 2022; 83(3):236-241
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Use of Gelatin-thrombin Hemostatic Matrix for Control of Ruptured Cerebral Aneurysm.
Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Spitaleri, A; Alberio, N; Fricia, M; Tomasi, SO; Nicoletti, GF; Cicero, S;
J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg. 2022; 83(4):383-387
Case Reports
Intracranial Venous Alteration in Patients With Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Protocol for the Prospective and Observational SAH Multicenter Study (SMS).
Umana, GE; Tomasi, SO; Palmisciano, P; Scalia, G; Da Ros, V; Al-Schameri, R; Priola, SM; Brunasso, L; Giammalva, GR; Paolini, F; Costanzo, R; Bonosi, L; Gerardi, RM; Maugeri, R; Strigari, L; Stieg, PE; Esposito, G; Lawton, MT; Griessenauer, CJ; Winkler, PA;
Front Surg. 2022; 9: 847429
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Thoracic Spinal Angiolipomas: A Systematic Review.
Umana, GE; Visocchi, M; Roca, E; Passanisi, M; Fricia, M; Tranchina, MG; Tomasi, SO; Nicoletti, GF; Cicero, S; Scalia, G;
J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg. 2022; 83(2):161-172
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Journal Articles

Ga-DOTATOC PET/CT Follow Up after Single or Hypofractionated Gamma Knife ICON Radiosurgery for Meningioma Patients.
Barone, F; Inserra, F; Scalia, G; Ippolito, M; Cosentino, S; Crea, A; Sabini, MG; Valastro, L; Patti, IV; Mele, S; Acquaviva, G; Tocco, A; Tamburo, M; Graziano, F; Tomasi, OS; Maugeri, R; Iacopino, G; Cicero, S; Strigari, L; Umana, GE;
Brain Sci. 2021; 11(3):
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The continuous quest for a more tailored approach to anesthetic management of patients undergoing endovascular therapy for acute stroke.
Ganau, M; Simonato, D; Syrmos, N; Tomasi, SO; Winkler, PA; Prisco, L;
J Neurointerv Surg. 2021; 13(3):e2
Immersive Surgical Anatomy of the Retrosigmoid Approach
Rubio, RR; Xie, WP; Vigo, V; Lee, A; Tomasi, OS; El-Sayed, IH; Abla, A
CUREUS. 2021; 13(6): e16068
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The Superficial Anastomosing Veins of the Human Brain Cortex: A Microneurosurgical Anatomical Study.
Tomasi, SO; Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Raudino, G; Graziano, F; Palmisciano, P; Priola, SM; Cappai, PF; Capone, C; Lawrence, PM; Erös, CA; Martin, KD; Chaurasia, B; Maugeri, R; Iacopino, G; Da Ros, V; Lawton, MT; Griessenauer, CJ; Winkler, PA;
Front Surg. 2021; 8:817002
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Corrigendum: Perforating Arteries of the Lemniscal Trigone: A Microsurgical Neuroanatomic Description.
Tomasi, SO; Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Rubio-Rodriguez, RL; Raudino, G; Rechberger, J; Geiger, P; Chaurasia, B; Yagmurlu, K; Lawton, MT; Winkler, PA;
Front Neuroanat. 2021; 15:835799
Perforating Arteries of the Lemniscal Trigone: A Microsurgical Neuroanatomic Description.
Tomasi, SO; Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Rubio-Rodriguez, RL; Raudino, G; Rechberger, J; Geiger, P; Chaurasia, B; Yaǧmurlu, K; Lawton, MT; Winkler, PA;
Front Neuroanat. 2021; 15: 675313
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Lumbar spinous process-splitting technique for ligamentum flavum cyst removal: the first use in Europe.
Tomasi, SO; Umana, GEE; Scalia, G; Raudino, G; Stevanovic, V; Krainz, H; Kral, M; Nicoletti, GF; Winkler, PA;
J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg. 2021;
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Letter to the editor regarding "Cortical screw fixation using CT-navigation coupled with real-time electrophysiological monitoring of individual screw placement for unstable degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis"
Tomasi, SO; Winkler, PA
INTERDISCIP NEUROSUR. 2021; 26: 101323
Letter to the Editor Regarding "Learning Curve and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery".
Tomasi, SO; Winkler, PA;
World Neurosurg. 2021; 145: 530-531.
Letter to the Editor Regarding "Decreasing Radiation Emission in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Using Ultra-Low-Radiation Imaging with Image Enhancement: A Prospective Cohort Study".
Tomasi, SO; Winkler, PA;
World Neurosurg. 2021; 151: 320-321.
Letter to the Editor Regarding "Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Techniques, Pearls and Pitfalls".
Tomasi, SO; Winkler, PA;
Asian J Neurosurg. 2021; 16(3): 665-666.
Acrometastases to the Hand: A Systematic Review.
Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Palmisciano, P; Passanisi, M; Da Ros, V; Pompili, G; Barone, F; Amico, P; Tomasi, SO; Graziano, F; Patti, IV; Mele, S; Maugeri, R; Raffa, G; Giammalva, GR; Iacopino, GD; Germanò, A; Nicoletti, GF; Ippolito, M; Sabini, MG; Cicero, S; Strigari, L; Cuttone, G;
Medicina (Kaunas). 2021; 57(9):
Primary Extracranial Meningiomas of the Head and Neck.
Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Vats, A; Pompili, G; Barone, F; Passanisi, M; Graziano, F; Maugeri, R; Tranchina, MG; Cosentino, S; Ippolito, M; Tomasi, SO; Raudino, G; Chaurasia, B; Iacopino, DG; Nicoletti, GF; Cicero, S; Strigari, L; Perrotta, RE;
Life (Basel). 2021; 11(9):
Multimodal Simulation of a Novel Device for a Safe and Effective External Ventricular Drain Placement.
Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Yagmurlu, K; Mineo, R; Di Bella, S; Giunta, M; Spitaleri, A; Maugeri, R; Graziano, F; Fricia, M; Nicoletti, GF; Tomasi, SO; Raudino, G; Chaurasia, B; Bellocchi, G; Salvati, M; Iacopino, DG; Cicero, S; Visocchi, M; Strigari, L;
Front Neurosci. 2021; 15: 690705
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Roy-Camille Type 3 suicidal jumpers fractures: Case series and review of the literature.
Umana, GE; Teli, M; Chaurasia, B; Passanisi, M; Longo, G; Spitaleri, A; Fricia, M; Tomasi, SO; Ponzo, G; Nicoletti, GF; Cicero, S; Visocchi, M; Scalia, G;
J Craniovertebr Junction Spine. 2021; 12(2): 149-156.
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Journal Articles

In Memoriam: A Memoir for Our Fallen "Heroes".
Chaurasia, B; Deora, H; El-Ghandour, NMF; Oyesiku, NM; Chaurasia, RK; Schulder, M; Soriano Sanchez, JA; Teo, M; Hernesniemi, J; Linzey, JR; Schwartz, TH; Cohen-Gadol, AA; Lawton, M; Umana, G; Mura, J; Grotenhuis, A; Sinha, AK; Schroeder, HWS; Natarajan, S; Sughrue, ME; Spetzler, RF; Drummond, K; Tanikawa, R; Seixo Kadri, PAD; Kato, Y; Teo, C; Suri, A; Tomasi, SO; Winkler, PA; Scalia, G; Sampron, N; Rasulic, L; Cappabianca, P; Fontanella, MM; Laws, ER;
Neurosurgery. 2020; 87(4): 854-856.
Neurosurgeons and the fight with COVID-19: a position statement from the EANS Individual Membership Committee.
Ganau, M; Netuka, D; Broekman, M; Zoia, C; Tsianaka, E; Schwake, M; Balak, N; Sekhar, A; Ridwan, S; Clusmann, H;
Acta Neurochir (Wien). 2020; 162(8): 1777-1782.
Editorials – contribution as Studygroup-member
Navigation-assisted extraforaminal lumbar disc microdiscectomy: Technical note
Nicoletti, GF; Umana, GE; Chaurasia, B; Ponzo, G; Giuffrida, M; Vasta, G; Tomasi, SO; Graziano, F; Cicero, S; Scalia, G
J CRANIOVERTEBRAL JU. 2020; 11(4): 316-320.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Letter to the Editor Regarding "Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and Parkinsonism: Preliminary Data on Neurosurgical and Neurological Treatment".
Raudino, G; Umana, GE; Tomasi, SO; Priola, S; Montemagno, GF; Scalia, G;
World Neurosurg. 2020; 140: -435.
Global Perspectives on Task Shifting and Task Sharing in Neurosurgery.
Robertson, FC; Esene, IN; Kolias, AG; Khan, T; Rosseau, G; Gormley, WB; Park, KB; Broekman, MLD;
World Neurosurg X. 2020; 6: 100060
Full papers/articles (Journal) – contribution as Studygroup-member
Letter: Image-Guided Navigation and Robotics in Spine Surgery.
Scalia, G; Umana, GE; Graziano, F; Tomasi, SO; Furnari, M; Giuffrida, M; Ponzo, G; Nicoletti, GF;
Neurosurgery. 2020; 87(6):E720-E721
In Reply: Neurosurgery and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic: Doing Our Part.
Tomasi, SO; Umana, GE; Raudino, G; Scalia, G; Ganau, M; Winkler, PA;
Neurosurg Open. 2020; 1(4):okaa011
Importance of Veins for Neurosurgery as Landmarks Against Brain Shifting Phenomenon: An Anatomical and 3D-MPRAGE MR Reconstruction of Superficial Cortical Veins.
Tomasi, SO; Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Rubio-Rodriguez, RL; Cappai, PF; Capone, C; Raudino, G; Chaurasia, B; Salvati, M; Jorden, N; Winkler, PA;
Front Neuroanat. 2020; 14: 596167
Full papers/articles (Journal)
In Reply: Rongeurs, Neurosurgeons, and COVID-19: How Do We Protect Health Care Personnel During Neurosurgical Operations in the Midst of Aerosol-Generation From High-Speed Drills?
Tomasi, SO; Umana, GE; Scalia, G; Winkler, PA;
Neurosurgery. 2020; 87(2): E166
Letter: "The Most Interesting Man in the World" - A Tribute to Dr James Tait Goodrich.
Tomasi, SO; Winkler, PA;
Neurosurgery. 2020; 87(2): E241-E242.
Comparative analysis of surgical exposure and freedom between the subtonsillar, endoscope-assisted subtonsillar, and far-lateral approaches to the lower clivus: A cadaveric study.
Wang, M; Chae, R; Shehata, J; Vigo, V; Raygor, KP; Tomasi, SO; McDermott, MW; Abla, AA; El-Sayed, IH; Rodriguez Rubio, R;
J Clin Neurosci. 2020; 72:412-419
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Journal Articles

Can SPHARM-Based Features from Automated or Manually Segmented Hippocampi Distinguish Between MCI and TLE?
Liedlgruber, M; Butz, K; Holler, Y; Kuchukhidze, G; Taylor, A; Thomschevski, A; Tomasi, O; Trinka, E; Uhl, A
LECT NOTES COMPUT SC. 2019; 11482: 465-476.
Proceedings Papers


Journal Articles

Reliability of EEG Interactions Differs between Measures and Is Specific for Neurological Diseases.
Höller, Y; Butz, K; Thomschewski, A; Schmid, E; Uhl, A; Bathke, AC; Zimmermann, G; Tomasi, SO; Nardone, R; Staffen, W; Höller, P; Leitinger, M; Höfler, J; Kalss, G; Taylor, AC; Kuchukhidze, G; Trinka, E;
Front Hum Neurosci. 2017; 11: 350
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Factors affecting Volume changes of the somatosensory cortex in Patients with spinal cord injury: To Be considered for Future neuroprosthetic Design
Holler, Y; Tadzic, A; Thomschewski, AC; Holler, P; Leis, S; Tomasi, SO; Hofer, C; Bathke, A; Nardone, R; Trinka, E
FRONT NEUROL. 2017; 8: 662
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Book chapters

Pathology-Related Automated Hippocampus Segmentation Accuracy.
Liedlgruber, M; Butz, K; Höller, Y; Kuchukhidze, G; Taylor, A; Thomschewski, A; Tomasi, O; Trinka, E; Uhl, A
In: Maier-Hein, KH; Deserno, TM; Handels, H; Tolxdorff, T (Eds.) editors(s). Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2017. Algorithmen - Systeme - Anwendungen.. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Vieweg; p. 128-133. (ISBN: 978-3-662-54344-3)

Newspaper/magazine articles

Pathology-related Automated Hippocampus Segmentation Accuracy
Liedgruber, M; Butz, K; Höller, Y; Kuchukhidze, G; Taylor, A; Thomschewski, A; Tomasi, O; Trinka, E; Uhl, A
Proceedings of Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2017 (BVM'17), Springer Informatik Aktuell. 2017. 128-133.


Journal Articles

Variability Issues in Automated Hippocampal Segmentation: A study on out-of-the-box software and multi-rater ground truth
Liedlgruber, M; Butz, K; Holler, Y; Kuchukhidze, G; Taylor, A; Tomasi, O; Trinka, E; Uhl, A
COMP MED SY. 2016; 191-196.
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Journal Articles

Adult Spinal Deformity: Sagittal Imbalance
Cavanilles-Walker, JM; Ballestero, C; Iborra, M; Ubierna, MT; Tomasi, SO;
International Journal of Orthopaedics. 2014; 1(3): 64-72.
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Journal Articles

Lumbar total disc replacement: correlation of clinical outcome and radiological parameters.
Boss, OL; Tomasi, SO; Bäurle, B; Sgier, F; Hausmann, ON;
Acta Neurochir (Wien). 2013; 155(10): 192-130.
Full papers/articles (Journal)
Remote cerebellar haemorrhage after lumbar spine surgery: case report.
Cavanilles-Walker, JM; Tomasi, SO; Sgier, F; Kröber, M;
Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2013; 133(12): 1645-1648.
Case Reports
Radicular pain from lumbar canal stenosis in addition to pre-existing phantom limb pain.
Tomasi, SO; Ghani, I; Waldvogel, D; Hausmann, O;
J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg. 2013; 74 Suppl 1: e92-e95.
Case Reports


Journal Articles

Management of Patients Presenting with Acute Subdural Hematoma due to Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysm.
Marbacher, S; Tomasi, O; Fandino, J;
Int J Vasc Med. 2012; 2012: 753596
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Journal Articles

[Glioblastoma treatment in 2010].
Djedid, R; Tomasi, O; Haidara, A; Rynkowski, M; Lefranc, F;
Rev Med Brux. 2009; 30(5):496-505