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BUTZ KEVIN HOLGER GERD - former member of the university


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Effects of Rubber Hand Illusion and Excitatory Theta Burst Stimulation on Tactile Sensation: A Pilot Study.
Frey, VN; Butz, K; Zimmermann, G; Kunz, A; Holler, Y; Golaszewski, S; Trinka, E; Nardone, R
NEURAL PLAST. 2020; 2020: 3069639
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Can SPHARM-Based Features from Automated or Manually Segmented Hippocampi Distinguish Between MCI and TLE?
Liedlgruber, M; Butz, K; Holler, Y; Kuchukhidze, G; Taylor, A; Thomschevski, A; Tomasi, O; Trinka, E; Uhl, A
LECT NOTES COMPUT SC. 2019; 11482: 465-476.
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Reliability of EEG Interactions Differs between Measures and Is Specific for Neurological Diseases.
Höller, Y; Butz, K; Thomschewski, A; Schmid, E; Uhl, A; Bathke, AC; Zimmermann, G; Tomasi, SO; Nardone, R; Staffen, W; Höller, P; Leitinger, M; Höfler, J; Kalss, G; Taylor, AC; Kuchukhidze, G; Trinka, E;
Front Hum Neurosci. 2017; 11: 350
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Reliability of EEG Measures of Interaction: A Paradigm Shift Is Needed to Fight the Reproducibility Crisis
Holler, Y; Uhl, A; Bathke, A; Thomschewski, A; Butz, K; Nardone, R; Fell, J; Trinka, E
FRONT HUM NEUROSCI. 2017; 11: 441
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Book chapters

Pathology-Related Automated Hippocampus Segmentation Accuracy.
Liedlgruber, M; Butz, K; Höller, Y; Kuchukhidze, G; Taylor, A; Thomschewski, A; Tomasi, O; Trinka, E; Uhl, A
In: Maier-Hein, KH; Deserno, TM; Handels, H; Tolxdorff, T (Eds.) editors(s). Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2017. Algorithmen - Systeme - Anwendungen.. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Vieweg; p. 128-133. (ISBN: 978-3-662-54344-3)


Journal Articles

(S)-Ketamine in Refractory and Super-Refractory Status Epilepticus: A Retrospective Study.
Höfler, J; Rohracher, A; Kalss, G; Zimmermann, G; Dobesberger, J; Pilz, G; Leitinger, M; Kuchukhidze, G; Butz, K; Taylor, A; Novak, H; Trinka, E;
CNS Drugs. 2016; 30(9):869-876
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Variability Issues in Automated Hippocampal Segmentation: A study on out-of-the-box software and multi-rater ground truth
Liedlgruber, M; Butz, K; Holler, Y; Kuchukhidze, G; Taylor, A; Tomasi, O; Trinka, E; Uhl, A
COMP MED SY. 2016; 191-196.
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Connectivity biomarkers can differentiate patients with different levels of consciousness.
Höller, Y; Thomschewski, A; Bergmann, J; Kronbichler, M; Crone, JS; Schmid, EV; Butz, K; Höller, P; Nardone, R; Trinka, E;
Clin Neurophysiol. 2014; 125(8):1545-1555
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Real movement vs. motor imagery in healthy subjects.
Höller, Y; Bergmann, J; Kronbichler, M; Crone, JS; Schmid, EV; Thomschewski, A; Butz, K; Schütze, V; Höller, P; Trinka, E;
Int J Psychophysiol. 2013; 87(1): 35-41.
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Comparison of EEG-Features and Classification Methods for Motor Imagery in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness.
Höller, Y; Bergmann, J; Thomschewski, A; Kronbichler, M; Höller, P; Crone, JS; Schmid, EV; Butz, K; Nardone, R; Trinka, E;
PLoS One. 2013; 8(11): e80479
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EEG-Response Consistency across Subjects in an Active Oddball Task
Holler, Y; Thomschewski, A; Bergmann, J; Kronbichler, M; Crone, JS; Schmid, E; Butz, K; Holler, P; Trinka, E
PLOS ONE. 2013; 8(9):
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